Cydney Forsyth

My name is Cydney Forsyth and I took the Ironwood internship in 2015/2016. I decided to do Ironwood because I knew it would be a good foundational year for me to go deeper in my relationship with God and to strengthen my faith. Ironwood did both of these things and more for me.

God used Ironwood to teach me more about His character and His call on my own life. Strengths and skills that I was unaware of having came to life and I was taught new skills that I know will be useful throughout my entire life. Some of these skills include: homiletics, theological training, hearing God, and leadership training. Ironwood has been a preparation for me for what is to come in my future and that is why I've decided to do Ironwood Year Two!

This fall is the first time that Ironwood will be having second year students. Year Two is about God taking me further into what He started in Year One. It will be more focused and more personal to what I want to grow in and achieve. Year Two is a launch into more of God's purposes for me and I am ready for whatever He has for me.

Overall, Ironwood has been an incredible growing experience and I am so grateful for the community it has built for me. God has lavished His love on me and that has sprung up a passion in my heart for the Church of God and most importantly for more of Him.

Cydney Forsyth, 2015-2016, 2016-2017 Intern

Ironwood created an unshakeable foundation for my faith in Jesus Christ. Through the teaching, God revealed to me the truth of my identity in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit in my life. The leadership training stretched my abilities and equipped me with valuable tools for life and ministry.

Cari Frisbutter, 2015-2016, 2016-2017 Intern

Cari F

Cari Frishbutter


Joe Proulx

"I would take the Ironwood internship over again if I could. The friendships I made there are so valuable and I still find myself learning from the notes I took during the teachings, it's crazy!"

Joe Proulx, 2014-2015 Intern

"Ironwood was a year of significant growth in character, leadership, capacity, and gifting.  The personal discipleship and investment were key in highlighting my giftings and passions, and the leaders were intentional about providing opportunities for me to grow in those.  I met God in a new and personal way, was deeper established in my home church, and gained perspective and experiences that have set the course for my life. "

Bethany MacLean, 2013-2014 Intern


Bethany MacLean

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