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In 2013, the Lord spoke to us about developing a training and equipping centre for our community and for the nations.  Our desire is to see people equipped to know Jesus at a deeper level, to hear and obey Him consistently and to engage in His supernatural Kingdom.   

We are excited to embark on the 2018 - 2019 season! Throughout the coming year, we will offer equipping opportunities that we trust will bring students into a broader place of understanding, freedom and function, in whatever realms they are drawn to – creative arts, business, ministry, mission, or simply a desire for greater personal spiritual growth.  

We hope you will find a course or program that will help you love Jesus more and help serve His purpose for your life.

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About Us


Ironwood is renowned as the hardest, heaviest, most durable and enduring wood in the world. Its extreme density protects the wood from internal rot. The tree’s deep taproots enable it to flourish even in times of prolonged droughts. Saturated with resins, the wood has natural protection from insects and has medicinal properties. The Ironwood’s broad canopy makes it a habitat-modifying species, and under its shelter, hundreds of other species thrive. God has spoken to us prophetically about establishing an equipping centre that will enable people to embody these kinds of characteristics.


Ironwood Equipping and Training Centre is a part of Gateway’s vision and mandate to spread a passion for the glory of God through Jesus Christ to every nation and every generation. As an Apostolic Centre, Gateway has many opportunities for people to grow and be released in the areas that they are gifted in and called to serve.

  1. The King's School
  2. Prayer
  3. Children / Youth / Family
  4. Community Service
  5. Urban Outreach
  6. Global Missions

Ironwood works in coordination with Gateway's apostolic vision by training and equipping participants so that they may then invest themselves in existing ministry opportunities for the building up of the Body of Christ. However, the scope of Ironwood is also to equip, empower and release students to flourish and bear fruit in whatever vocation God calls participants to pursue.

We believe God has given us a far-reaching mandate that includes a pursuit of the Great Commission being fulfilled. And we know that it will only be by an unprecedented move of God through His people that that will be accomplished.

That is how we want to impact and change the world today – by equipping God's people to preach, teach, do signs and wonders, and disciple nations!

The time to do so is NOW!


  • To equip people of all ages to grow in an intimate and passionate love for the Lord.
  • To provide an environment in which God’s Word, His will and His Ways are taught so as to instill in God's people a Biblical worldview.
  • To empower and release all God's people, especially this generation, recognizing the valuable individual gifts and calling of each person, to spread a passion for the glory of God through Jesus Christ to every nation and every generation.
  • To encourage a supernaturally natural lifestyle by helping God's people to engage with the Spirit of God, and to thereby live their lives holy and separated unto the Lord, allowing His glory and power to be manifest in their lives in a tangible, living way.

Address: 5-763 Kapelus Drive
West St. Paul, MB R4A 5A4 Canada

Phone: (204) 989-6580

Email: ironwoodinternship@gatewaywinnipeg.com

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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